Where Everyone is Camping 2007

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This is the version from 2007 and is thus obsolete

If you'd like to be found on the playa, go ahead and tell us where you'll be camping.

The Hive and solar array will be located 200 feet "inbound" from Illumination Village between 5:00 and 5:10.

See this year's map

See also this year's camp placement

Ill Vill's placement: File:Illumination Village 07 200x400 BETA 01.pdf

  • Sno Koan (providers of our solar batteries, charge controller and inverter) will be at 7:30 and D
  • Lee Sonko - arriving with the SWARM truck on August 23rd. Staying at Low Key Peep Flambe Camp. (not a registered camp) at (hopefully) somewhere between 3:45 and 5 and C. Look for the pair of glowing-from-within 3 foot tall inflatable peeps and the cute gay-boy camp next door.
  • Lisa - camping at the Devil's Workshop and Day Spa at Esplanade and 5:00 (well, more like the Arctic and 5:00 side though, with the Brain Freeze/Got Stickers camp). It's next to Ill Vill so I'm certain I'll see a lot of you! I can be in email contact for most of the event, so keep me in the loop for performance schedules/playa tasks. Also, I will have a staff sticker on my truck, so I can drive around during the event if orb transport is needed for any reason.
  • charlie is camping in the Illumination Village
  • aerin is camping with Misonaught at 9:00 and Esplanade. Come by for green tea and miso. I'm also working Box Office several days. I'll be arriving on Friday, Aug. 24th during the day hopefully. Can't wait!
  • Jon is at Illumination village, likely in the "land grab" zone to the back, mooching off James' excellent shade.
  • actually, James and Olivier are going to be in Devil's Workshop no doubt on the Artic side 5ish. you all are welcome to shade however,.
  • Dawn and Rick are camping between 3:30 and 4:00 on Landfill, opposite walk-in camping (at least that's the plan).
  • Trebor is camping at You Are Here at 3:00 and GrassLand, arriving Saturday the 25th.
  • Niladri is camping at the Illumination Village. Arriving on Sat or Sun depending on when I finish packing.
  • Matthew And Chris Gerbik are camping at Black Rock City International Boccie Club probably in the neighborhood of 8-8:30 and Fresh Water. Come by for some drinks and some Boccie fun at our full size Boccie Court. We will probably be arriving on playa sat evening some time.
  • Mark Alexander is camping at DuckPond at 9:00 and Habitat. Check out our replica of Aub Zam Zam (bring a cup), our 100' slip'n'slide and our real-live flogging cross! I'll be arriving on playa sat evening some time.
  • Gregory (G. Wiz) and his All_Seeing_Eye art car will be at RhythmWave at 4:30 and Estuary. I'm bringing my home made absinthe.
  • Marnia is staying at Accessory Alley at 5:00 and Boreal. Come by for fun accessories and lemon drops. Oh yeah, and I'm arriving Friday night (about 8pm I hope).
  • Coreyfro is at Ill Vill with the Neverwas crew. Arriving Saturday. Leaving playa Tuesday or Wednesday or when they kick me out after the burn.
  • Simran: You Are That Pig. 5:30xA. arriving monday early am.