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(this ripped from the Flaming Lotus Girls wiki 8-4-08)


Purchased by Lee Sonko for SWARM and The Box Shop 6-1-07 from http://WeldingSupply.com for $1900.

Model: K2535-2 Precision TIG 225 Ready-Pak w/Cart 208/230/1/60

Precision TIG 225 Manual

Precision TIG 225 Parts Listing

Torch parts

Lincoln Electric Torch catalog

Promo Literature

Operating the TIG

Wondering how to set up that TIG welder in the corner? This really takes the guess work out of TIG welding settings: http://www.millerwelds.com/education/calculators/tig_amperage_calculator.php

TIG Welding Hints from Miller http://www.millerwelds.com/education/tech_tips/TIG_tips/hints_tips.html


Lee buys consumables at http://WeldingSupply.com.

Aluminum filler rod. $4/lb at http://weldingsupply.com instead of Praxair and Airgas' $25/lb! SWARM used part #ED031109, ER5356 Lincoln Aluminum 3/32" x 36" 10lbs on our 5051 aluminum orbs.

SWARM is using for the Orbs:

  • 3/32" ER5356 aluminum rod
  • nozzles (AKA "cups") for the PTA-17 torch that came with welder are: Alumina nozzle, Lincoln Part # kp2016-4b1, industry part # 10n48. 3/8", #6, 10mm, it is 1-27/32" long. http://Weldingsupply.com part # 105Z44. Alumina cups are less expensive, "however, do not resist thermal shock on higher amperage applications very well and tend to deteriorate or crack and fall off." Perfect for the Box Shop ;-). [1]
  • Chem-Sharp 5 oz. Chemical Tungsten Sharpener to repair contaminated electrodes without grinding on the contaminated grinding wheels.

When using regular equipment, here are the parts you might use

  • 10N47 Alumina Nozzle (1-27/32 WP-17, 18, 26) #7, 7/16, 11mm
  • 10N32 Collet Body
  • 10N24 Collet 3/32, 2.4mm (WP-17, 18, 26)
  • 54N01 Insulator

When using a gas lens, here are the parts for a PTA-17 torch, 3/32" tungsten

  • 54N15 Alumina Gas Lens nozzle (1-5/8 WP-17, 18, 26) #7, 7/16, 11mm
  • 45V26 Gas Lens Collet Bdy 3/32, 2.4mm (WP-17, 18, 26)
  • 10N24 Collet 3/32, 2.4mm (WP-17, 18, 26)
  • 54N01 Insulator

Good tungstens to use:

  • 362-1305 Zirconated Gr 1/16 x 7 10Pcs (brown tip)
  • 362-1423 1.5% Lanthanated Gr 3/32 x 7 10Pcs (blue tip)
  • 362-1295 Pure Gr 1/16 x 7 10Pcs (pure tungsten doesn't work as well as the Zirconated or Lanthanated) (green tip)
  • 362-1145 2% Thoriated Gr 040 x 7 10Pcs (red tip) (works well but is radioactive! don't use)
  • XXX-1423 2% Ceriated Gr 3/32 x 7 10Pcs (orange tip)