VIDA 10.0

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VIDA 10.0 is an international competition created to reward excellence in artistic creativity in the fields of Artificial Life and related disciplines, such as robotics and Artiftcial Intelligence.We are looking for artistic projects that address the interaction between “synthetic” and “organic” life”.

  • First prize: €10,000 (*)
  • Second prize: €7,000 (*)
  • Third prize: €3,000 (*)

Deadline October 22nd, 2008

How to Apply

Submit a 5-10 minute video with voice-over narration in either English or Spanish describing the artistic concept and the technological realization of the project presented. The jury's decision will be based almost entirely on the video.

How we should participate

  • Shoot a video at Burning Man where we discuss "...the artistic concept and the technological realization of the project"
  • Edit video and add narration
  • Create supplemental materials
    • - A short biography (150-200 words) of the author(s).
    • - A description of the concept inspiring the project.
    • - Technical information about the project.
    • - One to three images (slides, photos or high-quality scans on CD or the Internet).
    • - A transcription of the video narration.

  • Submit DVD video.