Uploading to the wiki and FTP server

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You can place files on the wiki directly, on a private password protected spot on the web via FTP or on an open spot on the web via FTP.

Uploading files to the wiki

The quickest way to upload files to the wiki is to use the Multiple Upload tool with the DragAndDropUpload plugin for Firefox. You'll then be able to drag and drop several files at once into the wiki.

The maximum size of a file to be uploaded is 100 megabytes :-)

How to use the "upload file" option in the wiki

  1. Go to the wiki at http://wiki.orbswarm.com
  2. Log in or create an account and log in by clicking "log in" in the upper right corner of the page
  3. Click "Upload file" (traditional wiki upload method) or "Upload multiple files" (the snazzy new way to upload) in the lower left corner of the page.
  4. Upload the file(s).
  5. You can then link to the file in your wiki document like so: [[Image:MyFile.jpg]]. You should be able to upload any file type (jpg, pdf, etc...).

Uploading files with FTP

Files uploaded to the FTP server will then be accessible to users of our wiki or blog. This FTP account has 100 GB of space for your file transfer pleasure.

0 - Pick an FTP client. Some good Windows free FTP clients are WinSCP and Filezilla. You can also use a web based FTP client at the FLG wiki's web hosting site.

1 - Please use secure FTP. If your secure FTP program gives you any options, select SFTP using SSH2 on port 22. Regular FTP works as well.

2a - If you want anyone in the world to be able to be able to see the file, change to the "swarm" folder.

2b - If you want the file to be password protected so only Swarm-mates can see it, change to the "privateswarm" folder.

3 - Create a folder of your choosing. (please use folders, otherwise your files may be confused with other folks files)

4 - Put your files in that folder

5a - If you put it in the "swarm" folder, the file will then be available on the internet at http://lee.org/swarm/(folder-name)/(file-name)

5b - Or if you put it in the "privateswarm" folder... http://lee.org/privateswarm/(folder-name)/(file-name)