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Jump to: navigation, search February 11-14, 2010 in India

notes for the trip to Techkriti

1 hr Presentation

  • Marnia 5-10 min - Art, Why I do this
  • Video 10 min

in front of 1,200 people, "including IITK students, Professors and students from colleges all over the country". They'll supply 2 mikes, 1 LCD projector, internet, sound and 2 techkriti volunteers Headed by Jon and Marnia

Jon "I'd have no problem talking for 30 minutes on just the technical aspects"
Jon "it's good if each of us gives a separate presentation"

  • 5 min overview
  • 5 min VIDA video
  • 10 min technical talk by Niladri
  • 5 min Machine and fire art culture (Burning Man et all) providing inspiration
  • 10 min art talk by Marnia
  • 20 min Q&A

Best to shy away from live demos, they often don't work. Use slides instead.

Travel Plans

Marnia, Lee, Jon leave San Francisco February 4th and begin the return trip February 16th

Nildadri will reach Kanpur on 10th(morning) and leave on the 15th(afternoon)

Shipping Equipment

Orbs to leave San Francisco Jan 20th, arrive Kanpur Feb 8 via Brian Closs, MMI Logistics, Compton, CA 310-679-4018.

MMI will build international crates in Compton

Sight to See

  • Indian Bahá'í Temple in Delhi
  • Red Fort near delhi
  • Taj Mahal (between Delhi and Kanpur)
  •  ???


Get them here: (has a couple charts of what to get)

Immunizations to get:

  • Malaria yes, note that Chloroquine is NOT an effective antimalarial drug in India
  • Typhoid probably
  • Gamma globulin probably
  • Hep A almost definitely
  • Hep B probably
  • Tetanus, diptheria, pertussis maybe
  • Polio maybe


  • 220v 50hz, different plug. Niladri recommends buying converter plugs in India
  • Lee has asked for American electricity at Techkriti

Other International Notes

Call Credit Card companies to tell them you're travelling abroad so they don't suspect something weird with your card

What to Pack

general temperature may be be 45 to 80 long sleeve shirts vs mosquitos (Malaria) iodine tablets bug spray with at least 30-50% DEET alcohol cleaner for washing hands before eating pepto bismol, use preventatively sun screen drink some grapefruit seed extract antiviral/bacterial. a couple drops in a drink each day bring cipro just in case

Communication / Cell Phone Service

Lee's iPhone AT&T rep says Kanpur has very poor cell phone reception. voice is very expensive ($2.50/min with no voicemail service), texting is better. Other options???