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All Points West Shipping

LTL Shipping class calculator

According to UPS Freight, SWARM might be class 100 "Machinery" or, if it's going to Canada and being returned to the US (customs) class 125 "Trade Show equipment".

Burning Man 2007 Shipping

We have 1/2 of a 53' semi- trailer. The other half of the load is coming out of NIMBY. Trucker is famed burning man trucker Larry Mallick of Trans Sierra Transport

James is contact person for Larry

Our space on the truck: 8'(96") wide x 8'6" (102") high x 26'6" (318") long

The truck is leaving on approximately Thursday, August 23rd and returning approx Tuesday September 4th

    • mothership 7'x7'x3' (?)
    • 6 orbs. Each is 30"x30"x30" + packing material, 80lbs each. If we get boxes, they can be stacked.
    • SWARM support box.
      • 2' x 2' x 2' battery packs and chargers
      • box o' extra electronics 3'x2'x2' (?)
    • (?) hardware for mounting solar panels
    • 3' x 2' x 2' box with solar lighting
    • The Hive: 6 12' long structures. Cross section of each structure is a 1'x1'x1' triangle
  • 3kwatt generator. 26in. x 17.7in. x 21.1in, 140 lbs.
  • 20 gallons of gasoline for generator
  • 2 bicycles (from the generator's owner)
  • Angel Head 4'x 8' x 4' (?). Heavy.
  • Michael's plywood house 5' x 8' x 2'. Lumber, can be stacked on top of.
  • Paul Scriver's Audio Caisson 4'x5'x10' (maybe less space) + generator. Most of the art is made of foam core, making it very light and fragile. + a small fragile table.