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Extract debian etch armel distribution (um, from where?)

Add two device files to /dev

mknod ttyS0 c 4 64 mknod null c 1 3

Copy kernel modules from /lib/modules in sarge (where is that?)

We mount an NFS-Root filesystem on /root/etch_rfs

mount /root/etc_rfs
chroot /root/etch_rfs 

Set up /sys and /proc:

mount -t sysfs /sys
mount -t proc /proc

Using the serial ports: Remember they are named differently from the TS-7260

You need to insert the tsuart kernel modules:

modprobe tsuart1
modprobe tsuart7800

From then, serial ports are named /dev/ttts0 through /dev/ttts9


How to config kernels, etc...

Latest version of kernel modules are here: ftp://ftp.embeddedarm.com/ts-arm-sbc/ts-7800-linux/binaries/ts-modules/

For permanent installation, add tsuart1 and tsuart7800 to /etc/modules

COM2 is /dev/ttyS1. You need to comment out the getty in /etc/inittab

For now, daughterboard AVR is located on pins 13&15 of DIO.

Here is a step by step guide to creating a bootable sd card

There is a serious problem with the nand kernel modules from TS, and there are three different versions out there. All of them are named either ts7800.ko or ts7800_nand.ko

  • The one with md5sum 560595f538f83bf360aec50a05ca859b will cause corruption of the nand, especially due to a conflict with the uart driver. Replace posthaste.
  • The one with md5sum a38658a7e99a584cd514aa0a22412127 seems to work ok. It is found in the march modules. Use it.
  • The one with md5sum 884fab660d977881ecadb3de7375bb49 doesn't seem to allow us to read the nand at all with the current kernel. This is also the most recent version, so maybe it corresponds to a newer kernel version.