Orb Migration

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Status/Location of orbs

Orb destinations and conditions Sept 11 2011.jpg

Orb - Foster Parent - accessories - Notes

0 Michael. Orb is in San Jose City Hall right now. Michael will claim it eventually
1 Charlie. + stand, remote, charger
2 Cory. + stand, crate, remote, charger (Orb 2 and the crate is still at the Box Shop pending pickup) Orb 2 has bad batteries and a cracked shell
3 Niladri. + remote, charger. (note, it has a bad daughterboard and amplifier)
4 Marcus. + remote (no charger)
5 Michael. + remote, charger (orb is in Michael's container). Orb 5 has new batteries

There are 2 international shipping crates left. Cory will be taking one soon. The other is under the old SWARM Dorm at the Box Shop.