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File:Reimbursement Request Form for SWARM 4-5-07.pdf

File:SWARM Accounts 4-7-07.xls

Receiving Donations

We can receive donations a bunch of ways. Lee is the contact person.

  • Paypal (several methods)
    • Send a donation to ""
    • At the bottom of the SWARM homepage ( there is a Paypal link to donate to Swarm.
    • You can send people this short URL so they can donate:
  • Cash - cash is always nice!
  • Check under $100 (not tax deductible) - write a check payable to "Lee Sonko".
  • Check over $100 (tax deductible) - Write a check for at least $100 payable to "Somarts". Make sure to get their postal address and either email or phone number. In 1-3 months, we'll mail them a fully tax deducible receipt.
Somarts takes a 10% commission but tax deductible receipts sometimes can get you larger donations. (it is better in the $500 and up range) It will take 1-3 months for Somarts to process it, give us a check and receipt. Give the check to Lee, who will then give it to Charlie, who will give it to Somarts...

If someone wants a receipt, Get out 2 pieces of paper and...
The receipt should have:

Another receipt for Lee. It should have:

  • name of donor
  • amount of donation
  • their contact info. email and phone are good enough