Meeting Minutes 2010.09.24

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Trebor wrote up this from the 9-24-10 meeting

some questions:

   - who will head up saturday maintenance survey?

   - who will head up swarm camp?

   - does anybody know where the system diagram used in tekriti lives in the wiki?

   - anybody know of other grants we can go after?

some points that i can remember from tonight's meeting:

   - we will meet this saturday at the box shop to survey orbs for maintenance.

   - jesse is going to organize a meeting focused on wifi

   - marnia hinted that we might hold swarm camp at her place. there may be girl drinks, yay!

   - mike and dillo suggested that a pure wifi communication system might be problematic and that we
     should leave open the option of using zigbee if wifi is not robust enough for real time control.

   - erik expressed interest in understanding more of the elements of full swarm system. there is talk
     of a diagram on the wiki.

   - jesse was interested in a re-org of the repository so we could more easily check out code.

   - jesse also suggested seeking other grants.

   - mike gave an overview of how the kalman filter worked

   - josh expressed interest in control system

   - tad expressed interest in position estimation and control.

   - niladri and i talked about communication protocol

   - trebor suggested that we focus on fewer things at a time, and to that end the primary effort at the moment is wifi.

i'm pretty sure there was more. if i missed anything critical let me know.