Meeting Minutes 2010.06.29

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"Very Important Meeting" called by Lee for Tuesday June 29, 2010 at the Box Shop

Present: Dillo, Rick L, Erik, Michael Prados, MCT, Lee, Corey, Milo, Trebor, Jon, Niladri, Mark A

First notable item: LOTS of people attended! There's still lots of interest in SWARM!

People dug the idea of having a Weekend Orb Camp. What exactly would happen? We don't know but it would be awesome!

There's the possibility of us going to the Ultra Music Festival in March in Miami ( We'd need to have something awesome to show.

Corey presented his idea of a new SWARM-like project, a 2 wheeled differential drive Gigapan photo taking Exploring Robot!

In response to asking if we should mothball or build new stuff or..... we asked "How is your energy level right now?" Here are the responses (paraphrased)

  • Jon - medium low
  • Trebor - I like automony!
  • Lee - frustrated & tired from last trip, want to make something, broke
  • Niladri - busy with work right now but interested after
  • Corey - playing at Noisebridge often, ready to make!
  • MCT - his time is short until after Burning Man, doesn't have a particular project he's in love with
  • Michael - not motivated about the current activities, tired, wants to make something that can be shown in places that don't just have big sky (ie Black Rock Desert)
  • Rick L - medium energy, change of work soon might help SWARM contributions
  • Mark A - bored with current efforts, really wants to make something with SWARM
  • Dillo - willing, excited, loves dem orbs!
  • Christie - busy with Syzygryd right now, wants to pursue something and perform!
  • Erik - would be totally into a 3rd push

People were excited about the idea about "robot ballet". Mark said he wants to see orbs cruising down the playa on their own in a line 15 mph. I like that vision, others did too.

We had a straw poll. Results: We want orb water ballet by March!

Some wanted to work on SWARMishness at Noisebridge. That sounded feasible.

Without income, money is getting tight. We have 2-8 months of container rent in the bank.

In Response to "What the hell are we going to do" we resolved:

  • people were generally cool with paying dues. $10 or 20 /month/person would go a LONG way
  • Let things sit til after Burning Man... we must be engaged in something productive by October 15th or that something may involve orbs and thermite or a trebuchet
  • we need places to practice rolling, places to work on them, and places to sit and geek on them. It would help both aspects if the next project was more portable
  • Yes, there is energy to have a 3rd Wave!
  • We're going to try a Weeekend Orb Camp sometime this summer!