Meeting Minutes 2009.02.26

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Discussing Building

  • Examining wiper motor:
    • Hall effect strategies - Where to put the magnets?
      • shaft extension? no room in case
      • other end? no housing - $50 for enclosed
    • Optical?
      • still have space issue
    • interrupters
  • H-Bridges
  • PCB design maybe. Make some to sell, maybe.
  • wheels
    • Most typical wheels have bearings
    • Need wheels without bearings
  • What housing?
    • Plywood
      • strength/thickness puts wheel too far out
      • maybe we could use a bracket
    • Oil drum - mounting motors on round stuff is hard.
    • 8020 - aluminum framing materials

Discussing finishing up the Orbs

  • get an event to set a hard deadline
  • what needs to get finished
    • human interface
    • algorithmic

Plan a performance to push for:

  • Robogames?
  • Niladri will head up
  • logistics: need large flat space
    • Might be hard to get people out of the building.
    • Might be hard to do in the building because of space.
  • Timing: June

Things to play with next time

  • optical sensor
  • hall effect
  • gear counter