Meeting Minutes 2009.01.27

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The main question we addressed at the meeting was "How do we proceed?"


  • Next week: propulsion system
    • Get something to drive around the shop
  • One complete unit to test at burning man

Design concepts

  • Best to have abstraction for hardware.
  • Porting stuff to a different platform should be easy
  • It would be nice to have something that can run python on
  • Possibly non-welded frame.
  • Stay with easily obtainable still in production parts
  • Wheels need speed feedback mechanism - considering many options


Discussion focused around motor controllers, motors/actuators, and wheels.

  • "Can we reuse spu?"
  • considering different boards, such as the beagle board.
  • Various small actuators to consider
    • van window openers
    • windshield wipers
  • Many of us have stray stuff sitting around to bring in and tinker

Jon pointed out that for $90, you can buy a whole electric scooter with motors, controllers and all sorts of parts.