Meeting Minutes 2007.05.08

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We talked about this stuff at Tuesday's meeting...

In order to run the orbs indoors on wood floors, we should probably make orb cozys. That way, they won't mar the floors.

We need a tiny bit of 8 gauge scrap stainless steel to play with and see if it's the right material for the final orbs.

Upcoming TechShop activities need people willing to get checked out on the Lathe, Mill, Laser Cutter and Plasma Cutter. Want to learn how they work and then use them for SWARM? Speak up!

SWARM is going to Power Tool Drag Races! Jon will enter us.

Marc is making a schematic of power and voltage use. If your board/motor/light/whatever needs power, tell him: - where it is located - it's voltage and general power requirements

Jon found a new motor controller that -might- save us money and assembly time. Or it might not be powerful enough... he'll find out.