Meeting Minutes 2007.04.17

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At Michael's house. Lee taking notes

We are in need of a few volunteers

  • On-playa Performance staff
  • fabricators
  • fundraising help
  • an Estimation and control programmer

See Volunteers Needed

Lee will ask Michelle if Swarm can get their own booth right next to FLG. He'll ask Jonathon about his recruiting letter blurb

We reorganized our Work Groups list quite a bit, adding several Go-tos

  • Outreach: we need new people!!! Ask your friends!!
  • Drive motor, Steering Motor, Shell : change to being one group
  • Speed cOnroller : Pete
  • Power: Lee, and Mark will help me with voltage conversion
  • BRAIN: rename to Swarm Processing Unit/SPU  : Matt
  • Sensors: remove
  • Communications:

An April 25th prototype for Lady Bee's inspection is coming along… that’s next Wednesday!!

Remind charlotte to call her brother, looking for a 27 tooth bike chain sprocket for 1/8th inch wide chain ring or a cog

Control System Design: Michael, Jon, Drago?, Tad Kalman filtering, designing the choreography tool and simulating the orbs

Mother Node: John Humphry, Eric, Dan

Matt K might be able to help with splines and choreography

Design bucket handle sensor package: Jon and Tad

We'll consider making a call on JRS for Volunteers

Lisa will look in to buying drive motor on Alibaba

Pouneh or Stephano might help with purchasing

James will have Mothership design nights on this Thurs.. then every Monday

Outreach goto:Aerin (we volunteered you, so there!)  ;-)

Lisa’s embroidered patches are –wonderful- for cost… like $0.50 each

We have a swarm tribe

Lisa will ask $teven raspa for fundraising advice

Levende could be a $50/hr, 4hr min