Meeting Minutes 2007.01.23

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  • Pied Piper Staff - controls on board, GPS beacon, shepherd
    • staff has all locative technology from spheres...
    • can determine distance to sighted target from angle, assuming human height
  • Preprogrammed Movement Patterns - Initiate a sequence
  • One or more is special, to be pushable, others follow
  • Giant Pool Cue
  • centroid of the pattern
  • color changing
  • false interactivity... great trick
    • apophenia

Mother Ship

  • photovoltaics if cheap
  • pedal powered cart drags trailer with docking station
  • golf cart power
  • appearance will determine interpretation of piece.
  • costumes - bees, golfers, clean suits, tyvek shorts.
  • orb shaped - windows? entrance, egress?
  • vantage point
  • pyramid vs sphere
  • egg carton
  • nest (good complement for biological inspirations)
  • trailer
  • go really minimal
  • used boat trailer
  • used ice cream cart

Artistic Message

  • Negentropy
    • Schroedinger "What is life"
    • "syntropy"
  • Atom Heart Mother
  • Music of the Spheres
  • Dancers
    • simple, classic animation view
    • relative "personal space"
    • swarm lake
  • Selected negentropy

Locative Technology

  • EKF has problems with non-Gaussian noise
    • most noise sources should be reasonable
  • Camera Kite for relative location
  • Sonar Ranging



  • wood grid, birch ply: Toast, acquaintance of David and Simone
  • different coverings - eyeballs, tits, pool balls

Grant Thoughts