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Our mailing list is open to anyone interested: sign up here

We have a reasonable volume of often somewhat technical info, so if you are a casual friend of SWARM you may want to subscribe to the RSS feed of our blog for lower traffic and more pertinent info (

Mailing list etiquette

Always try to make your Subject: line informative

This is a high volume mailing list and people often don't read every message.

Good title: Lady Bee visiting on April 25th. Prototype?!
Bad title: something you should know about

What should go to the list?

This is a high volume discussion mailing list and we all know it. If your post might be useful to several members of the group, then post it. If not, then just email it directly to the person you are talking with. At the end of your conversation, consider sending a summary message to the group.

Who sees Swarm list posts?

Subscribing to the list is easy and we don't (usually) discriminate on who may sign up. That said, the list archives are not publicly available. The mailing list is forwarded in a daily digest to the Flaming Lotus Girls mailing list, which is also a private list.

We've been talking about making the project open-source and "opening it up". Don't worry, the mailing list will remain private so you don't have to worry about your mother accidentally finding out about your dead reckoning proclivities. :-)