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How to Use this Wiki

Editing the Wiki

Anyone with access to the wiki can edit any page. It's a nice courtesy, but not required that you create an account and use it when editing pages; that way, people can see which user name edited which page. You can click on the "history" button at the top of any page to see who edited what.

You can create a link to a new or existing wiki page by putting a word within double brackets [[like so]]. You can even edit the page you are looking at right now by clicking on "Edit" at the very top of this page. Though if you are just starting out, please 'play' with this scratch page instead.

Watching Changes

"The site is so large, how do I tell what has changed since I last visited the site?"

  • Use the Recent Changes button in the nav bar on the left. 'Diffs' are powerful! Click around a bit and you'll get the hang of it. You'll be able to see exactly what each person changed on a page and when!
  • If you log in and then "Watch" a page (a button at the top of the page), you can receive an email when that page changes.
  • Be sure to log in and look at the different Preferences offered.
  • Subscribe to the Recent Changes RSS feed in your favorite news reader. So then when you're catching up on your friend's blog entries, you'll also find wiki updates. How do I subscribe? Go to the Recent Changes page and click on the "RSS" link on the left nav bar. Your news reader should be able to take it from there.

"How do I tell what has changed on a particular page recently?"

To see the history of changes on a particular page, first go to the page, then click the "history" button at the top of the screen. You'll be able to see every change made by every person going back for a long while. Click around a little and you'll get the hang of this very useful page.

Help Specific to the SWARM Wiki

Embedding Flash FLV videos on the wiki

Our Google Calendar

Uploading to the wiki and FTP server

Poem Extension

Calendar Extension

Widgets Extension and Google Calendar

CategoryTree Extension

Useful Links

  • How to Edit a page - Wiki markup
  • How to sign your posts (Here's the short form: type "~~~" where you want people to see your name and the wiki will fill in a link to your wiki homepage. Set your "nickname" in the Preferences section -- Grinder)

Way too much help to actually be helpful

How the SWARM wiki has been tricked out

10-14-08 Here's all of the modifications I've made to LocalSettings.php. Enjoy :-) --Lee 21:43, 14 October 2008 (UTC) 10-13-08 upgraded to 1.13

#  -------------------- Extras ------------------------

# 10-13-08 enables AJAX search
$wgEnableMWSuggest = true;
$wgAdvancedSearchHighlighting = true;

# Use eAccelerator in the object cache LCS 8-9-08 Weee!
$wgMainCacheType = CACHE_ACCEL;

$wgEnableSidebarCache = true;

# 10-14-08 since access to the wiki is controlled, we can safely disable
# rel="nofollow"
$wgNoFollowLinks = false;

#  -------------------- Extensions ------------------------

# Allows users to upload several files from one page
$wgMaxUploadFiles = "10";

# Enable Category Tree extension. Note that we must enable AJAX support for this extension
$wgUseAjax = true;
require_once( "{$IP}/extensions/CategoryTree/CategoryTree.php" );


# Enable the basic file cache for static pages for non-logged-in visitors
$wgUseFileCache = false;
$wgFileCacheDirectory = "/home/swarm/";
$wgShowIPinHeader = false;
$wgUseGzip = true;

# added ConfirmEdit Captcha test to keep spammers away LCS 6-1-07
# It works moderately well but I switched to requiring a login
#require_once( "$IP/extensions/ConfirmEdit/ConfirmEdit.php" );


require_once( 'extensions/ToggleDisplay.php' );

4-8-08 Added machine readable Sitemap page.

4-8-08 Upgraded from MediaWiki 1.11 to 1.12