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Calendar Extension Help

The Calendar Extension is used to show scheduled upcoming events. Here is the main calendar page.


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The parameters work like this:

       can be "days" days from today, "rdays" (reverse days),
       "week","month","threemonths" and "year" (default).
       is a name for the calendar and changes the names of the day pages.
       defaults to '%name_%year_%month_%day' and describes the names
       of the day pages.
       formats the titles in today/days/week view
       you can specify the date of the calendar, it defaults to today.
       currently this doesn't work with "view=week"
       this takes a php strtotime ( http::// )
       option and overrides the "day","month","year" option
       above. examples are:
       date="+1 week"
       date="next monday"
       date="+7 days"
       week starts on 1=monday ... 7=sunday. default is 1
       skip empty days in week view
       show inivitation to add entries when a day is empty, default is 1
       format of the week, days, rdays and today view.

       - "text" (default), simple wikitext format
       - "list" a layout that uses <dl>, <dt> and <dd> (definition
         list) tags with the 'calendar' class added to the <dl>
         tag and the calendarToday class to the span tag that
         contains the weekday title. Merged calendar
         entries are added as sub lists with the name part of the
         merged calendar as a link to the page of that
       - "table" a layout that uses table tags with also the name of
         merged calendars as a link to the page of those
         calendars. The 'calendar' class is added to the table tag and
         the 'calendarToday' class to the span tag that contains the
         weekday title.

format & formattitle accept these substitutions:
        any php date() substitution prefixed with '%', like '%m','%d','%Y'