Atmel AVR Micros

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ATmel datasheets here:

The AVRfreaks site and message board is indispensible:

An AVR Beginner's Site:

Novice's Guide to AVR Development:

The entire AVR 8 bit instruction set:

Development Kits

STK 500:

Atmel Dragon: $49 with USB interface. How to hotrod your Dragon:

You will also want this adapter, to convert from the 6 pin ISP socket to the more standard 10 pin:

AVRISP MkII for $58, in-circuit programmer with native USB

The world's smallest AVR ISP programmer! CrispAVR USB STK 500 (v 2.0) compatible and is the size of my pinky, no kiddin' (10mm x 42mm). Programs all ISP programmable AVRs. ~$85 depending upon what the Euro does.

Development environments

AVR Studio is an IDE free from ATMEL:

WinAVR is an open-source development tool set from here:

We've been using this for all the SWARM AVR boards with great success. Get this; all the makefiles depend on it.

Proto Boards

Sparkfun has some good ones:

Pololu has some ATTiny SMD prototyping boards, pre-populated:

Code and libraries

AVRLib: Great set of C libraries to do just about anything:

Tips and tricks

Here is a link to a good discussion on using the various oscillator types:

Guide to setting fuses:

AVR Fuse Calculator

Here is a nifty tool that calculates the hex values for the fuses for you based on what you check in each box

If programming is really *slow* on your stk-500 (this keeps happening to me for some unknown reason), then the serial programming clock may need to be reset. The period should be around 5 uS. If you use the -v option on avrdude, it will tell you the period. To reset sclk, go into interactive mode with the -t option on avrdude. At the prompt, type "sck 5" to set it to 5 uS, then "quit" to exit. Here's the avrdude manual: